Resetting Mariadb

I apologize in advance for the possibly amateur question but I decided that I must start asking questions to more experienced people in order to get experienced myself.

I was trying to follow Arch Wiki’s installation guide for wordpress wordpress with just a limited Linux knowledge. I messed up the installation and I was trying to revert my changes to try again but even if I uninstall mariadb with sudo pacman -R mariadb and reinstall it with sudo pacman -S mariadb it still keeps the previous configurations. My question is how do I remove Mariadb and its configuration files?

you can remove datas in /var/lib/mysql
or to fix read wiki MariaDB - ArchWiki

Thank you for the quick reply @papajoke. I guess I will try to fix it by reading the Arch Wiki. This is all a little bit overwhelming at first :sweat_smile:.

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