Reset Certificate Storage

Hi I played around with my System Certificate Storage, and now I want to delete all 3rd party / custom root certificates at once and install only the default ones again.

I searched a while via Google, but I did only find commands for Debian and not Arch Manjaro.

Would love to receive some help here :slight_smile:

I’d like to follow along - but as I don’t know what you mean by that:
what did you “play around with”? Where is that … located?

What did you find?
At this level, all the distros are pretty much the same.

Here as well - need more concrete info.

I added those certificates with sudo trust anchor /path/to/the/root.crt sudo update-ca-trustto the system TLS / SSL - Certificate storage.

I found sudo update-ca-certificates -f, which wipes the certificate storage on Debian and reinstalls the system’s standard CA Certificates AFAIK.
This tool is not available for Manjaro in this form I think.

Thanks for checking out my topic @Nachlese :slight_smile:

I guess what I wanted to know - also for the benefit of others that might want to help and are able to - what is the underlying problem that you want to address / solve?
I’m still in the dark.

If I’m reading this right, the issue is that @cdr_chakotay managed to install some certificates that they don’t want to have around anymore.

I don’t think that there’s a single command to remove the certificates you added, but you can just delete the files and run sudo update-ca-trust. If you mess something up, you can run sudo pamac reinstall ca-certificates to get all the normal certificates back.

Or, if you want to live on the edge you could delete all the certificates and run sudo pamac reinstall ca-certificates to get the default ones back, which should work, provided you don’t reboot the computer between removing the certificates and reinstalling them.


Thank you :slight_smile: To delete all certificates I would delete /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crtI guess ?

To delete all certificates and then reinstall would be:

sudo rm -r /etc/ssl/certs/*
sudo pamac reinstall ca-certificates

However, emphasis on this: it may be a pain to recover if something goes wrong during this operation, or if my understanding of the ca-certificates package is wrong. Deleting just the certificates you don’t need would be my strong recommendation.

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