Request for forum tutorial

I would love to have a forum tutorial you could refer back to, that would explain things like:

To mark something as bold, type [ASTERISK][ASTERISK]bold text[ASTERISK][ASTERISK]
Example : bold text

To mark something as italic, type [ASTERISK]italic[ASTERISK]
Example : italic


More specifically I am wondering about how to make text (like inxi-result) hidden, but expandable like the user @nickcagenick does in this thread:

@discobot provides a tutorial


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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I guess you received a welcome message, and if you follow this, you will get an interactive tutorial to use all the functions of the forum


I went through that tutorial, but I don’t remember it teaching me how to do the “hidden/expandable”-text thing? Or maybe I have forgotten.

you would need to start the “advanced tutorial” for that :wink:

start advanced tutorial is the keyword in the discobot conversation :wink:


Advanced tutorial started :slight_smile:

I still think that a thread would be better, that you could bookmark or reference to if anyone asks.

[Edit] Ok, so the gear icon was the thing I have never used :slight_smile:
[Edit2] Shouldn’t @discobot mention something about the advanced tutorial? I can’t find that in our little chat.

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You can always refer back to the discussion with the bot.

I personally think the advanced user tutorial should be merged with the main tutorial. But I don’t know if this is a thing that can be changed. I personally found out about the advanced tutorial after some months of use in which I already learned the tricks via other ways.


There’s a useful reference here:

Missing from this reference, though, is how to create collapsing text blocks like the following:

Don't be scared!


[details="Don't be scared!"]

If you’re ever curious about how another post was marked up, it’s possible for you to view its markup directly. For example, to view the markup for my current post, note the post’s URL by hovering your mouse over its timestamp in the upper-right corner:

Then, to view my markup, go here:

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woah, didn’t know you can read the raw format of a post!

You can also click on the chain icon near the reply button to pull the URL.

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I think someone should make their PM with discobot public. There is such an option. I can’t, because I told naughty words to the bot.

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