Request for czech section on the Manjaro forum

Hello, i created simple guide for czech people who want to try Linux world and how to choose Linux distribution. Don’t worry, i going to translate into the english version, but i need some time.
I and my friend will have small presentation about philosophy of open-source and Linux. My guide trying create freedomly way to Manjaro.
This forum is seriously right place, where i want to post this guide, because i can feel freedom, nice community and beautiful naturally anarchy.

Please anyone from Manjaro team. Could you create Czech language section?
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello and welcome!
So far I created a tag #czech which you can add to your (or others’) topic.
You can post your topic directly under #Languages category and add a #czech tag.
If the language becomes used frequently we will consider creating a new category for it.

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Thank you so much! :blush:

Do you know if this site is legit?
Last post is from Jan 2019.

I know this site, but i don’t have any positive opinion. Looks old and have weird bookmarks about passive income and cheap loan. Forum have threads from 2019, 2018. I think there aren’t much legit things on this site.

Ok, then let’s make this place here a better source of information.


Yeah I am Czech too, and was always annoyed when I got a link from a search engine pointing there. :smiley:

It just ugly without malice.

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