Repo web page request: Add a column that would display the average time between sync operations

Feature request to Manjaro Repository - Status of mirrors at

Add a column that would display the average time between sync operations. An alternative would be to display a history of “Last sync” times.

I have a set procedure I do before an update. One step includes reviewing I believe it would be helpful to know if one is approaching the normal time a mirror is going to be syncing.

Do You Manage a Potential Manjaro Mirror Server?” suggests:

Sync every six hours. Being a rolling release system Manjaro’s repos are very dynamic. So mirrors need to be updated multiple times per day.

Below are the repositories for country=United_States and the non-scientific results of how often the repository updates.                         30 minutes                         24 hours?                    2 hours & 30 minutes               1 hour                         2 hour                         1 hour                         7 hour                        > 24 days


  1. Are Stable, Testing and Unstable updated at the same time?

  2. If the terms sync = mirror = clone, why is it necessary to do
    pacman -Syyu rather than pacman -Syu after a mirrorlist change?

  3. During a sync operation of a mirror, are manjaro users locked out of the specific mirror to prevent any issues related to partial sync update?


How does Manjaro know what mirror(s) to use?

There is a file /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist which lists all of the available mirrors.

There is another file called /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf that by default is configured to re-write your mirrorlist in a list with the fastest at the top, descending to the slowest, when the system is given the terminal command:

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack && sudo pacman -Syyu

Manjaro Mirrors - Manjaro


Every run of pacman-mirrors requires you to syncronize your database and update your
system. Pacman-mirrors - Manjaro
sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack && sudo pacman -Syyu