Replacing PipeWire with PulseAudio

I am currently using PipeWire and have been having problems with the audio turning off after the computer has been on for a bit. I would like to remove PipeWire and try using PulseAudio to see if this fixes my problem. I would like to do this correctly so I don’t cause myself even more problems. Could someone perhaps advise me on how to go about replacing PipeWire with PulseAudio?

pamac install manjaro-pulse

Edit: sorry, that’s the right package

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I get this message when I run the command :frowning:
Error: target not found: manjaro-pulseaudio

The package is called manjaro-pulse.

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Thanks, I have installed manjaro-pulse and I removed PipeWire. However, my audio is still not working, is there anything extra to configure? Otherwise, where should I start looking to fix this?

It might be power save options.

I found this thread ( and basically ran all the commands then restarted my computer and my sound is working. I’ll add to the thread if I encounter any more problems.