Replacing grub with systemd-boot (UEFI system)

Since Manjaro is my only OS on all my systems, I want to try out systemd-boot on one of them (Thinkpad with UEFI). Let’s just say, I want to get it running, for the sake of argument. Until now, my esp was mounted to /boot/efi and I was using grub. /boot was part of the root fs and ext4.

I followed the recommendations of the Arch Wiki and I’m pretty sure I got it right, since it is pretty straight forward. But at some point I realized, that Manjaro seems to handle the vmlinuz and initramfs files differently. While Arch uses filenames without version numbers, Manjaro does. Am I correct in this assumption?

Since I’ve changed the /boot mountpoint to the esp partition (and moved the content from old /boot to the new one, which, of course, needs to be FAT32, I also can’t create symlinks, which would be my first idea.

So I need to update the /boot/loader/entries/…conf files every time, I change Kernel versions or uninstall one. Obviously that is not an option for the long run. So I was wondering if there is already a solution or facility for that?

I’ve only found sporadic information about that. What would be the recommend way to achieve this?

try this

sudo mkinitcpio -P

@stephane, close, but not quite.


No, you don’t.

Look here.

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I found exactly what I was looking for:

After booting into the system, I did:
$ sudo pacman -S systemd-boot-manager

Set my preferences in /etc/sdboot-manage.conf and then (default values work also fine):
$ sudo sdboot-manage gen


It automatically runs when Kernels are installed/removed. Works great! :slight_smile:


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