Replacing ebtables by iptables-nft in Virt-manager's wiki page

I read the Virt-manager’s Wiki page and found that it suggests the users installing ebtables.
However, ebtables has been moved to AUR repository. The libvirt Archwiki page suggests using iptables-nft instead of ebtables.
Do you think this Wiki page needs a revision?
Besides, installing iptables-nft replaces iptables. Maybe also make a note there to assure the users if there is no any side-effect?


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Thank you for your advice. Manjaro wiki open for editing. I can not find time for the content on the wiki. We approve changes if it described clearly. Now, I add an outdated tag to the page.


@dobedobedo Which means:

Please volunteer to become a wiki contributor and edit that in!


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Thanks. I could help with some editing if I know how to do it. :joy:

Nowadays there is a WYSIWYG editor and if you insist on learning to directly edit the source (which you don’t really need), there is also built-in help for that too:

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I just edited the Wiki page and wait for approval. I spent the past two days configuring a Windows virtual machine with libvirt, so maybe I can also add some thoughts on it later.


:white_check_mark: = Approved!

Thank you for your contribution! Feel free to edit anything you know a lot about in the wiki.

More information is updated on that page. Hope it helps. By the way, could you please add this page as the reference in file sharing (especially the IP after my edit is approved? I found that many articles say the host’s IP is, but I can only find my host’s samba usershare with

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