Replace specific icons from GNOME icon packs

I have a Manjaro/Gnome install. I love the Yaru Teal icon pack, but the icon for the file explorer (nautilus I presume) is not my taste. I would like to replace the Yaru Teal Nautilus icon with the Papirus Dark Maia Nautilus icon. Please help. This zip contains both of the icon packs, for your reference. Thank you in advance. I wouldn’t mind if someone shared documentation or such information about how to go about doing this. I am not expecting a spoonfed response

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All you ever wanted to know about icon themes but were afraid to ask:

I’m on KDE nowadays, but used to have my own steampunk theme way back before Manjaro.


hey! I figured it out thanks to you :)))

looks perfect now. thanks a lot for the one link that was all I needed

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