Replace onevpl with extra/libvpl?

I was trying to apply Stable Branch update 2024-01-13 and was asked by terminal:

Replace onevpl with extra/libvpl? [Y/n]

What should I do?

What I did (in vain) to find an answer:

  • I searched the update announcement with “vpl” and found nothing.
  • I searched the forum with “onevpl” and “libvpl” and found nothing useful.
  • I search the Internet with the same and only found highly technical information.

How I answered provisionally: I said no (from sheer convservatism).

You should have answered “Y” instead. :wink:


The default is Y - so it is safe to accept - it is a package name change - perhaps consolidated with another package.


Oh no! But thanks.

I tried sudo pacman -Syu again in the hope offering the choice again, and was!

How could I tell Y was default?

Does it go [N/y] when N is default? (Never saw it.)

When an update screen asks a yes-no, is yes always default?

No, the default is the one whose initial is in uppercase. :wink:


the default is upper case

No - it depend on the package.

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