Replace Mediathekviev by MTPlayer (AUR)

Replace Mediathekviev by MTPlayer (AUR)

  • because mediathekview (community) is outdated and the successor is MTPlayer.
  • MTPlayer can download videos that mediathekview can not…
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Considering the package is pulled from Arch, it will likely be an upstream decision.

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According to the original author (Xaver) of MediathekView, his new project MTPlayer is an alternative to, but no successor of MediathekView.

He simply changed course, because maintaining MediathekView was too troublesome for a one-person job, hence giving it to the community. MediathekView is still actively maintained (even with its own support forum).

So it’s not a question of “replacing” one by the other, but rather adding up to it.

And … to increase the confusion even further, Xaver still has another project, MTViewer, which apparently does the same than MTPlayer, just in an even more simplistic way.


Thank You for clarification!
The contribution in a Windoofs-forum is misleading, I know now!
MTViewer is not in repos. Yet?
found MTPlayer:

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