Replace KWin with another window manager (or: On the road to convenient window tiling)

I’m not sure I get this page:

As I understand it, I can use Openbox, FluxBox or IceWM within KDE Plasma, instead of KWin, under the hood.

Does the same apply to i3 and Awesome? I would like to combine some of their tiling functionalities with KDE Plasma.

This article from the KDE UserBase Wiki might help:

It explains how to use i3wm in KDE, replacing KWin. Something similar has to be done in case you want to use Awesome WM instead.

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I have just applied the steps to Awesome. It didn’t work really well with the Plasma panel.

I tried i3 as well, but I didn’t get exactly what I expected.

I guess it would take quite a bit of tinkering to set it up nice. I’d have to choose the right TWM and then configure everything properly.

Maybe it would be easier to just bite the bullet and learn a full TWM in Virtualbox.

EDIT I did vote for some tiling stuff to be included in Plasma on the KDE forum.

EDIT 2 Here’s what I’m doing now.

  • I use the Window list panel widget (right click on Panel → Add Widgets…).
  • I assigned a keyboard shortcut to the Window list (right click on Window list → Configure Window list…).
  • I navigate through the Window list by up and down arrow. I select the window I want by hitting Enter.
  • If I want tiling, I use the existing shortcuts: Meta + left arrow / right arrow / up arrow / down arrow / left then up fast etc.
  • I used to have the tooltip delay reduced to one milisecond. Now I increased it, because I find navigating through the Window list much more convenient. The Window list sorts the apps.
  • I use MinimizeAll. I also use the Panel widget Minimize all Windows (NOT Show Desktop).
  • On a side note, some Panel widgets are very cool. I use Memory Usage and Individual Core Usage. The only thing I miss is a temperature widget, but it would be a complicated one.
  • I was complaining about “margins” / padding which showed up in the Panel when I reinstalled. Turns out the margins come from a widget called Margins Separator. Margins Separator can be removed from the Panel, as any other widget.
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