Renderman 24 Installation

Hello team, Im trying to install renderman 24 for Blender but I have no luck getting the renderman installer running.
I’m able to download the RenderMan-InstallerNCR-24.0,0_2172149-linuxRHEL7_gcc63icc190.x86_64.rpm, and I can extract the files and folders with no issues.
The problem is when I try to execute the
sudo opt/pixar/RenderMan-Installer-ncr-24.0/bin/RenderManInstaller
I got this:
opt/pixar/RenderMan-Installer-ncr-24.0/bin/RenderManInstaller: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I tryied to reach support within the renderman forum but I have no answer…

Any idea/suggestion/solution guys?


This means that the binary expects a way old version of ICU (we are on 69 now, while it expects 50).

PS: Did you try the AUR package?

Hello Strit,
Thanks for your fast response mate!
Yes but the Github is the older 23 version of renedrman…, I dont know if this will update with the 24 ver.

It works!, the installer use the new ver.
I will post with all the updates.

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