Removing wxgtk-common breaks dependency required by wxgtk2

It was moved here:

Also see the last Testing Update post in lieu of the upcoming Stable Update post:


It won’t build. Try it!

pleae read this helpful article

The build issue (guayadeque) cannot be fixed with these instructions. While you can fix the PKGBUILD for the wxwidgets not found issue, it still errors out mid-compilation. Some code changes are required to fix these.

@Ben you’d need to wait for the devs or get your hands dirty yourself I’m afraid. (I see you already created an “issue” at their github repo)


I get the same message.

Will the developers fix this in coming weeks or do I have to do something? I don’t have Truecrypt installed (but I do use Veracrypt).

At first glance the article @Olli posted does not make sense to me (with my level of skills).

You need to remove anything that depends on wxgtk2 and also remove wxgtk2 before updating as was already announced. Nothing in the repos depends on wxgtk2 anymore, so whatever depends on it was manually installed by you from the AUR which is your responsibility to manage. :wink:

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Thanks - though I am not confident that anyone will be in a hurry to fix this.

If you don’t mind, how do I figure out which programs depend on ‘wxgtk2’?

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The Required by: information field you can check from the package manager. Or try to remove it so it tells you what requires it.

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Okay, I uninstalled the package and now updates are running. When I went to uninstall there didn’t seem to be any warnings about dependencies, so that was a good sign.

All right, after a reboot I get this message when I try to run Veracrypt. If I click the continue button a few times it will load the normal interface. Is it safe to use?

I removed only wxgtk2, and the updates installed without issue.

What’s confusing is that I did not need to remove any other packages; only wxgtk2. I had nothing installed that depended on wxgtk2, and I cannot even pinpoint which of my PKGBUILDs from the AUR requires it (but not “really” requires it, since I removed wxgtk2 without a hiccup.)

Here are the following PKGBUILDs I have installed from the AUR. Which one could have been the culprit?

Keep in mind, I did not have to remove any of these in order to proceed with the updates via Pamac.

  • czkawka-gui-bin

  • dvdisaster

  • gallery-dl

  • mullvad-vpn-bin

  • waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan

  • wayback_machine_downloader

  • xnviewmp

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But did you have to remove it then? Was there an error?

Thank you!

Yes, I had to remove it. Otherwise, the system update would abort with the same error in the OP’s screenshot. For some reason, wxgtk2 was not automatically removed. Once I manually removed it, everything continued like normal.

I find it odd, since not a single installed package on my system had wxgtk2 as a dependency. (Not even any of my installed AUR PKGBUILDs required it.)

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I believe there’s one extra “detail” in addition to this. Of my three Manjaro installations, two of them have the same packages installed via the AUR. However, only one of them had this issue with wxgtk2.

Here’s what I think might have occurred with myself and others:

In the past, there might have been an AUR PKGBUILD with wxgtk2 as a dependency. Installing the (mystery) package from the AUR naturally pulled in wxgtk2 from the repositories.

Over time, this particular software from the AUR no longer required wxgtk2, yet even after several updates, wxgtk2 was never removed automatically. It just remained installed in the system all alone, not required by anything else.

Upon trying to determine which package is using wxgtk2 as a dependency, it’s revealed that no packages require it. (Which adds to the confusions above.) Even still, trying to update via Pamac will abort unless there is manual intervention to remove wxgtk2.

The difference between my two systems (one with this “issue” and the other without this issue) could be due to the fact that I initially installed packages from the AUR at a later date on the computer without wxgtk2. Hence, wxgtk2 was never pulled into this computer.

In fact, on the “behaving” system, my pacman history shows zero entries for wxgtk2, from the day I installed Manjaro all the way up until today.

UPDATE: I found the culprit in my situation. It was the package amule, which is on the official Arch Linux repositories, but in September 2021 they later switched its dependency from wxgtk2 to wxgtk3.

Post with further explanation: Recent stable updates and wxgtk2: what happened? - #10 by winnie

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Hmm, WoeUSB has a wxgtk2 dependency. :point_down: :roll_eyes:


I just removed the woeusbgui that has wxgtk2 and find out my system are upgrade successfully


Yes, truecrypt isnt secure anymore, suggest to use veracrypt. agreed with you :+1:

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