Removing WINE’s Default Application Entries

I Like opening my Images with GTHump

Somehow Wine has taken over and it opens my Images with iexplorer, Witch I don’t Like

here is how to get rid of it

- Open winecfg
- Go to the libraries tab
- In the dropdown, type in “winemenubuilder.exe” without the quotes. It’s not in the list, but you can type it.
- Once added, click on the new entry and click the Edit button.
- Click the Disabled radio button, and save everything.

Hop this helps the other guy who runs into this little Problem


This isn’t the way to fix your problem, because it will disallow Wine from launching and associating your Wine programs in the future. The correct way to solve this is to redefine your application to open image files as GThumb.

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To be fair, this is not an easy task to do. The application preference is way to fragile.

For example when I use nautilus outside of gnome, the “Open with” dialogue will not offer me the option for “[ ] Remember nextime” and just overwrittes my defaults application association.

I tried that But every time after reboot it goes back
is there another way to do this permanently ?

Thank u

If you have locate enabled:

locate mimeapps.list


find / -iname \*mimeapps.list -print 2> /dev/null

remove your local one and it will use the system one or edit your local one if you want it to be different from the system one…



This worked for me
I checked all files the stupid iexplorer is gone

many thanks

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Yes, this is a much better solution. It usually resides in ~/.local/share/applications/


No worries. Actually I was pondering moving it back myself.


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