Removing packages for unexistent hardware

Hello, I want to know if the next packages are safe to remove:


I was wondering about these too, but I think there are needed for the system so I think these are not safe to remove:


I want to remove them because I don’t have any amd or nvidia components on my laptop so there is no reason to keep them. Can I delete them without damage my system?

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I am an old user, however, I cannot say that I have a lot of technical experience, but I have a certain intimacy in the use of manjaro and I guarantee:

If your computer has nothing from AMD or Nvidia, there is no reason for you to keep such packages installed

You can check if uninstalling any of these packages will get you into trouble running

sudo pacman -Rscn <package-name>

I hope you understand my terrible English :wink:

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these are package from MHWD you need to keep them or else you break MHWD’s ability to install drivers.

Yes of course the mhwd should not be removed

Very good to remember

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