Removing Manjaro

Hi, so i bought a new laptop (Lenovo Legion 5) which has SSD and HDD , my intention was to install Manjaro on SSD and win10 on HDD but to cut the long story short it didn’t work as planned and now i would like just to install win 10 on SSD and Manjaro will be installe dsome time later on HDD.

The problem is that I installed Manjaro first on SSD and now i cant install win 10 on SSD or HDD.

In win 10 installer when i try to install it over manjaro it says that the partition is of an unrecognized type.

When i select HDD which is empty it says that the selected has an MBR partition and on efi systems windows can only be installed to GPT disks.

Thanks in advance


This really isn’t a Manjaro issue, but what you need to do is in the Windows installer when you are trying to select the SSD there should be an option to delete existing partitions on the drive. Once that is done you can select the drive for installation and then Windows will create the partitions that it needs.

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Ensure you have a Windows install medium before continuing!

  • Boot the Manjaro USB
  • Go to gparted
  • select the SSD in the upper right corner, create a new GPT partition
  • rinse and repeat for the HDD
  • shut down the machine and remove the Manjaro USB.

Your computer is now completely empty and you can follow the Microsoft instructions on how to install W10 and come back hare later before you install Manjaro again.
At that time, an output of parted --list would be beneficial to help us help you more efficiently…


Was thinking about that but friend advised me not to , ok done it, and it seems like it works , i was able to continue with the installation.


Thanks for your response, i tried the solution before yours first and so far so good.

WinBLOWS doesn’t do a good job resetting the drive. I suggest going into the Manjaro live key and deleting the partitions from there. Then install 10.

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