Removing an malformed Evolution cache on Manjaro

I received this message when opening my Evolution mail client this morning. I have located the file but cant seem to clear the cache. Please advise.
Failed to generate message list/ Error while Processing folder changes in “INBOX”.
database disk image is malformed (/home/****/.cache/evolution/mail/615309f1e87c050cf48c4fac84e2dced45e9268f/folders.db)
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Hi and welcome to the Forum :+1:

You should be fine to remove that cache dir completely, it will be re-created…
Cache is not the originals…

So just recursively remove the dir: /home/****/.cache/evolution/mail
Recursively means the dir itself plus anything below it…

Hi TriMoon

Thank you for the reply.
I have tried sudo 615309f1e87c050cf48c4fac84e2dced45e9268f -rm -r
What is the correct syntax?
I recently moved over from Ubuntu to Manjaro

Please see man rm :woman_facepalming:
Usage of sudo and rm or any other command at all, is same on all distro’s…

sudo command args

Plus you are not trying to remove the dir i mentioned…

Okay thanks , will try that.

Success, thanks very much.
Have a super day.

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