Removed synaptics in KDE Plasma 6

When I updated to KDE Plasma 6, my touchpad is not visible in the settings, but the driver sees it and it works, however there is no smooth scrolling (kinetic scrolling). I know this is an outdated driver, but I can’t find any kinetic scrolling options in libinput at all. But everything was fine on Plasma 5, and I don’t believe there is no kinetic scrolling as it’s elementary for any system in 2024.
My touchpad is - SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad
My laptop is - Thinkpad t460s

This has been covered already in a few places, like here:

As also shown in some other places - you dont have to remove or disable synaptics. You just wont be able to use the plasma settings to configure it.

As to specific issues with libinput:

There arent any.
This is something that can be provided by an application if it so supports it.
For example - firefox. I use libinput and have kinetic scrolling in my browser (but not the terminal).

It worked, thank you!

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