Remove snap and some flatpak packages

Good day! I wanna remove snap from my system. But, I have couple of questions:

  1. Does Manjaro need any of the snap packages installed like the gnome and gtk-common-themes?

  2. Also, does snap apps use only the gnome packages from snap? Is it the same with flatpak, that’s why flatpak also has gnome packages? I installed a GNOME app in flatpak before , but I already removed it. So, I was curious if I can remove packages that has gnome in its name.

No, Snaps and FlatPaks are entirely optional in Manjaro.



Snaps and FlatPaks are containerized applications and don’t have access to all of the underlying operating system, which is why they come with their own versions of certain system components.

You can remove all Snaps and FlatPaks, but not every package that has “GNOME” in its name is a Snap or a FlatPak. GNOME in and of itself has nothing to do with Snap or FlatPak.

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