Remove rounded corners from Breeze dark theme

Hi everyone!
I was wondering if someone could help point me in the right direction here. I installed Krohnkite window tiling script to use with KWin. Overall my configuration is very close to perfect, except for rounded window corners. I’m trying to change my Breeze theme to display sharp corners instead of rounded corners.


I’ve done some googling and playing around. I am able to get nice sharp corners if I remove the window frame; but the problem is I am using the frame to highlight the active window. With the frame on I am getting rounded windows.

I did modify the color of the frame in .config/kdeglobals but I don’t see any option to change the frame radius. Been searching but having trouble getting relevant results.

my [WM] from .config/kdeglobals


I know it is a small nitpick but otherwise almost perfect setup that I’d like.

Is there a config that i can modify to get sharp corners on the window frame itself?


AFAIK the Breeze window decoration is implemented in C++ and is not an actual Aurorae theme. Unless Krohnkite (i dropped using it in favor of kwin-bismuth) has a special option now for that active window border and uses a *.svg file, same as this Active Accent Frame - KDE Store that you could edit for your needs, i don’t see how you will do it.

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Thanks for the info, since you have used both Krohnkite and Bismuth, how would you compare the two?

Since the Krohnkite was put on lower priority regarding development and Bismuth was more actively developed as a fork, and then it seems will or is already adopted for KDE Plasma with better integration in System Settings, and recommended by some KDE Developers … i prefer it. Before i used to have some issues moving windows, quite random, but now it seems more fluent and without hiccups. Also, this can be pavlovian and not quite factual, because both are very good for tiling, and two days ago Krohnkite had a new release, fixing some past very minor issues.