Remove Manjaro boot entry from Mac

I installed Manjaro alongside big sur on my MacbookPro.
I needed to uninstall Manjaro and install Windows via bootcam.
I deleted the Manjaro partition on using Big Sur and installed Windows.
Next day when I needed to boot I saw grub rescu is on screen.
I installed rEFInd and went on for some days but surprisingly it is removed automatically :expressionless:
I need to remove Manjaro EFI entry from my mac.
I saw this post but it’s not what I want. I’m not a windows command prompt guy at all. And it’s pretty old my early Macbook Pro doesn’t have a DVD ROM to do that. BTW I can boot from flash drive to do the stuff but I need a linux or unix command prompt way instead.
How can I do this ?

Boot up from the USB drive in live mode and use efibootmgr to remove the Manjaro entry. (You’ll need to run that with sudo, by the way. It takes root privileges to modify the hardware.)

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Managing EFI partitions is not OS specific. Since you do not need help with Manjaro and your query is not Manjaro related at all, I suggest you research on the internet and get help on a Windows or Mac forum since that’s what OS you’re apparently going to be using.