Remove Grub and move Win/Manjaro to dedicated SSDs without losing data?

I have a dual-boot setup using Grub with Manjaro + Windows 11.

I want to remove GRUB and install each operating system in its own, dedicated SSD. For all purposes, one O.S won’t even know that the other exists. Manjaro disk will be unmounted when running Windows, and Windows disk will be unmounted when running Manjaro.

I need to know how I can safely remove GRUB, and move the existing partitions and data to their dedicated SSDs, without losing data, and letting Windows handle it’s own boot, and Manjaro handling it’s own boot on their SSDs.

df -Th


sudo parted -l

Running UEFI:


Disk 1:

Disk 2:

You would still need GRUB to boot Manjaro, or an alternative boot loader such as systemd-boot, refind, or something of the likes.

Just because GRUB has the os-prober module to probe the computer for other installed operating systems and adds them to its boot menu does not mean that GRUB is in control of the machine’s boot process. The boot process is controlled by your UEFI.

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I haven’t use Windows since XP pre service pack 2 so this may have changed. Windows will likely complain loudly with a major hardware change such as a drive. This could create registration issues with Microsoft. Like I said, I don’t know for sure.

On the linux side of things it should be a simple dd then boot live and chroot into it to make all the needed changes so it will boot, ie your fstab and bootloader. It can be a lot of work. I would suggest backing up, make the hardware change and reinstall both OS’s. Probably faster, cleaner and easier.

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