Remove folders in "open with" / "save as" windows doesen't work

I want to remove the Nextcloud Folder from the sidepanel but how?
I tried remove it.: right click > remove, if I open the windows twice it is there again.

Is this in Firefox only or system wide?

I assume the Nextcloud folder is a network location?

Seems to be GTK… so they are saved in:

cat /home/$USER/.config/gtk-3.0/bookmarks


cat /home/$USER/.gtk-bookmarks

But normally you should be able to remove it. Maybe a permission issue?

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there is it:


Nut how can I remove it now? @megavolt
It is system wide also in Etcher for example. @darkcity

Open it with an editor, delete it and save. Done.

Its gone, thanks @megavolt and @darkcity

vim /home/$USER/.config/gtk-3.0/bookmarks
vim /home/$USER/.gtk-bookmarks



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