Remove EFI of dual boot

I have recently dual-booted,

  1. Manjaro & Debian
  2. Manajro & Pop OS
  3. Manjaro & Ubuntu
  4. Manjaro & MX linux
    And each time, for removing the second distro, I just deleted the partition with that distro in gparted and updated the grub menu.
    Finally, I have decided to just stick with Manjaro. So I removed every other os.
    But when I noticed the /boot/efi, I found that there are some additional efi files that I have installed earlier in addition to manjaro ( My manjaro boots and works well, no problem at all ).
    I just wanted to know if I can delete them directly, if no then how should I remove them?
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As root, cd /boot/efi/EFI, then remove the corresponding folder. Note that some distros might have the same EFI folder name, so be careful. Manjaro should be safe, though as it’s clearly named as Manjaro. To remove the boot entry, you can use efibootmgr. Type without parameter to list the current boot order alongside their boot number, then use:

$ efibootmgr -b <bootnum> -B

to delete. Might need sudo.


Usually what folders will be there?
As I am confused, deleted 4 folders named debian, ubuntu, popos…something, MX19.
still 3 folders left BOOT, Manjaro and systemd. I am sure that i shouldn’t delete manjaro.
Should I delete systemd or BOOT? or leave them?

I don’t have systemd folder, so I’m not sure about it. BOOT usually contains your boot manager files, so obviously don’t delete that.

Systemd folder might have been generated by pop os…,
Ok I am going to leave it as most of the things are clean now.
Thank you so much friend.

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