Remove desktop enviroment

I have been searching a while on internet how to remove all desktop environment and run manjaro with no de but didn’t found any way .
i want to run no de with herbstluftwm as wm, i have install herbstluftwm on my system with
sudo pacman -S herbstluftwm .
i currently have xfce as de and i3 as wm please help me to replace these
i am worry about if i remove all de then my system might fall to boot
basically i want looks like arcolinux on manjaro as your support is good
thanks in advance

They won’t fail to boot. You should be greeted with a console interface once you have removed all DE/WM. Manjaro or Arch based distro in general, runs the graphical environment at virtual console 1, you still have 5 other virtual consoles which is accessible anytime. Without any DE/WM installed, virtual console 1 is just like the other 5.

Will i be able to run my apps and system normally without de? And how I get the arco theme I don’t wanna install it and waste time

Manjaro is not arco linux - if you want arco linux - follow the arcolinux tutorials on their website.

Try this search on the internet.

A rough overview

Windows, macOS, Gnome, KDE, XFCE is fullblown desktop environments.

A desktop environment is a suite of components which make the whole experience and provides a set of tools to configure and to a degree customize your system.

A desktop environment always include a window manager.

The window manager is the component responsible for every aspect of the windows used to display content - whether this is a document in LibreOffice, the configuration of the printer or changing the colors and wallpaper. The window manager also manages the borders and the controls on the window minimize, maximize and close, whether they are located to the left or to the right.

Gnome uses mutter, KDE uses Kwin, Xfce is xfvm4, LXDE, LXQt uses Openbox and so on.

Window managers does not provide any tools for setting up your environment - you will usually have to edit the configurations by hand.

Some window managers like Kwin and Compiz is also a compositor - the tool which makes the windows more fluid when moved across the screen and provides effects like shading, opacity and wobbly windows.

With some window managers a compositor is often used - e.g. picom (prev. compton)

Thanks for your help❤

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