Remove avahi package [is it possible?]

Good night Manjaro Linux community,

After some research and reading, it seems to me that the Avahi package serves to identify connections on local networks (printers, shared folders and other things in that sense), if this information is correct, I am interested in removing this package and its functions (my computer is connected in lan cable and I do not have a local network nor do I intend to).

However, when I tried to run the command;

  • pamac remove avahi

it starts reading dependencies and when it arrives at the smbclient dependency, it informs that Avahi will be removed only after removing this dependency and the terminal screen is still.

Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the Avahi package without causing conflict in the system functioning?

I don’t think so. If you run pactree -r avahi, you can see a lot of packages depend on it.

You can not remove Avahi without removing a lot of other packages. If you don’t need a GUI, you can remove Avahi. But probably need to set up your networking manually.

If you don’t want to use it, disable and mask the services provided by the Avahi package. It is the closest thing to remove it.

An Alterativ would be to build your own packages without a Avahi dependency.


I decided to remove these packages because I don’t use printer or local network.

I tried to remove it but it seems to me that the process doesn’t complete until I remove the smbclient.
Can I safely remove Avahi? Without causing system malfunction or instability?

why not stop disable it?

You cannot remove avahi it you use NetworkManager.

You will have to use another connection manager or manage it in terminal.

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