Remote System Monitor (Trigone)/Pitikapp Remote Dashboard for Manjaro-Android - Temps and Stats dashboard

Hi all!!

As from title, I went through some very nice software that allows you to place an old android phone or tablet close (or in) your desktop pc for using it as a dashboard for hardware temps and stats monitoring.

Problem is that these software work thanks to the use of an app (on the android - a.k.a. client - side) and of a program which is only working on Windows/Apple machines (a.k.a. server).

I tried to look around for quite a while now but I couldn’t find any alternative for Manjaro or Linux in general, so I’m opening this thread to ask you whether you know something similar that could be used for this purpose. This should be compatible with Manjaro server and android (even older versions) client.

I also attach a couple of images of those apps to show you precisely what I mean.

Thanks everyone!!

I suppose deskreen would work if you put the system monitor on that display.

OK I just looked a bit through it but this is only a screen sharing application (which can solve half of the problem - even though it is not working right now :rofl: - so thank you).

But what monitoring application can I use to be shared on that secondary screen?
I got BTOP and CoreCTRL but they are not quite what I’m looking for…

plasma-systemmonitor might be a good one … it also has extensions.

Depending on the complexity of what you want to monitor, there’s Icinga as well:

And AFAIK it’s interface is responsive and can be customized a lot.

Thanks for the answer, unfortunately, I think this one is far too complex WRT what I want to obtain. Also, there does not seem to be an Arch Linux version of it.

It’s in the AUR, but it needs a server. Hence why I mentioned complexity.