Remote desktop Mac to Manjaro

Hi all,

I am quite new working with Manjaro and right now I have it installed in a Raspberry Pi.

Now I would like to connect from my Mac on a remote desktop connection to the PI.

I have read on another post from this forum about how to install TigerVnc in Manjaro and how to enable it. I think i got it all set up now, but I am not able to find info about how to connect from a Mac machine.

Do I need to install any additional app in the Mac?, how to stablish the connection?
Any further support on that issue?

You need tigervnc on both systems – I don’t know if there is app for Mac.

You won’t find directions/instructions for macOS as this is a Manjaro Linux Forum.

That said - macOS is cousin - built from BSD - so you just have to find a VNC viewer for macOS.

You can download a intel-binary for mac from Releases · TigerVNC/tigervnc · GitHub

macOS has ssh installed by default so the method to connect is the same.

Install a VNC viewer on your mac - then use ssh to connect as described - keep the ssh terminal open - and use the vncviewer to connect.

Thanks everyone for suggestions, it seems like I am able to connect now, at least the vnc connection is open, but I just see a black screen…any clue what could be wrong?

The ssh connection is only the bridge - so if the black screen you are looking at is the terminal - it is expected. The target system must have some kind of x-display running - without x using vnc makes no sense as ssh would be all you need.

Did you setup your Pi device according to the earlier mentioned TigerVNC guide?

As I am a mac owner/user - I have verified my advise - and suffice you have followed the document on configuring the target system - and done so correct - you should get what ever desktop is running on the target.

But there may be issues rising from using e.g. KDE on the target - which I have no capacity to troubleshoot.

Connection on MacBook Pro mid 2017

Mac user here. :slight_smile:

Were you able to get this working?

I have two MacBook Pro - one Intel another M1- both working - setup as described above.