Remote connection problem

When I use ssh to connect to remote ubuntu and open matlab in manjaro, the operation screen is very laggy. For example, opens a .fig file spent several seconds. However, this phenomenon does not occur in Ubuntu’s system, and even if I use ubuntu on the virtual machine in my manjaro to connect to remote ubuntu, it is not very laggy. What is the reason for this?


The problem is not the connection but the quality of the connection - if I understand?

Configuration, the datastreams and their complexity aka the amount of data moved.

I don’t use matlab but I do use Manjaro and quite a lot ssh connections.

99% of all connection issues is caused by configuration, connection quality, remote server, server pressure etc.

Your remote server account running low on space may influence on the connection.

Manjaro Linux inherits a lot of the Arch Linux philosophy - striving to keep as close to upstream defaults as possible.

This means the ssh client is default upstream client - no special configuration - no tweaking etc.

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please make sure that SSH connection on the remote system has enough bandwidth and speed.