Remmina teamviewer plugin - "TeamViewer daemon is not running"

I am trying to establish a Teamviewer Session via the TeamViewer Plugin of Remmina

whan I start a session I am presented with an error

"TeamViewer daemon is not running
Please Start the daemon (needs root permissions

teamviewer --daemon-start"

however, when trying to do the cli returns

$ sudo teamviewer --daemon-start

 *** TeamViewer can not be executed with sudo! ***
 Either use your normal user account without sudo
 or use a the real root account to log in to your desktop (not recommended!).

is there any way around this predicament?

the regular way via systemd seems not to be an option

$ sudo systemctl status teamviewer
[sudo] password for [user]: 
Unit teamviewer.service could not be found.

I should have been digging deeper first. The solution came from this related Topic

that is because the service is called teamviewerd and not just teamviewer.

sudo systemctl start teamviewerd enables the service and likewise opening a teamviewer session.

It does not quite work as expected though. You only use remmina to start an external TeamViewer client, not running inside remmina (which is what I had expected). Anyway it works even though you can not take advantage of having the TV user ID of remotes to be stored in remmina really (which was the thing that I found appealing)

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