Remmina issue with display scale

Hello together,

im using remmina to connect via rdp to windows servers. Suddenly i have the issue, after it works for many months, that remmina shows a picture with very high transparency, so that it is not possible to detect anything on the screen.

The problem only appears when maximazing the window. If i pull the window to a smaller size so that the window doesn’t fit the proportions needed by the remote server, the picture looks fine. When pulling the window larger suddenly a big transparency appears.

Does anyone else have the same problem and can tell me how to fix it?
The problem only appears when using rdp. When i connect to a linux server with ssh everything works fine.

Best regards

It works fine for me whenever I resize or maximize the screen. For resolution I tick the Use client resolution option and change the color depth to High color 16 bpp, while rest are default settings.

Thank you very much zoro11. It seems like that this two settings solved the issue.

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