Remmina doesn't have RDP


I just install the Remmina software to remote access on a windows workstation in the office but I can’t find the Remote Desktop Protocol.

What application should I search for this?

Thank you.

Just for your information — because you are not expressing yourself properly — Remmina is a remote-desktop client, i.e. for remotely accessing the desktop of another machine. If you are planning to access your Manjaro desktop from a Windows computer, then this is not the software you need.

The Arch Wiki has some useful information about Remmina.

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my apologies for my bad grammar. I’m on my Manjaro system in my house and I’m gonna remote access my workstation in the office which have a win10 OS.

thank you for this.

so i’m lacking the remmina-plugin-rdesktop

That’s a package from the AUR… :arrow_down:

pamac build remmina-plugin-desktop

Remmina has an optional dependency on freerdp for RDP support. It is enough to install the package freerdp , there is no need to install anything from AUR.


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