Remmina 1.4.16 is broken in testing

Hi all,

I’m the Remmina upstream maintainer.

I saw that Remmina 1.4.16 is now in testing, but it’s broken, and it won’t work, better to switch directly to the 1.4.17 that is now in unstable, where should I report this?

Thanks in advance!!

Update: RDP known_hosts files is saved in the wrong place, causing login failures, this has been fixed in v1.4.17

Edit: typo

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Downstream from …? :thinking:

remmina comes directly from Arch.

What’s broken?

Sorry, upstream, I’m a bit sick.

RDP known_host file is saved in the wrong place, causing login failures.

I’ll updare the main post later

Ah, I see now. 1.4.17 is currently in the unstable repo. I’ll push it to testing here in a few minutes.

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This is much appreciated.

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