Remapping CTRL / SHIFT Key

I have the sudden urge since I’m trying to use Vim a lot more as my daily driver to switch the left-CTRL with the left-SHIFT Key on my keyboard.
I recognized that I nearly never use the left Shift Key (maybe because is “too” small) but always use the left CTRL because the extension needed on my right hand down the the right CTRL key is way further.
So I came up with that idea.

As a user of a German keyboard layout I know I’m already handling some disabilities in regards to the messed up layout of the bracket-keys (maybe I’ll invest into a nice US-layout sometime soon). But at least I want to move up the CTRL key on the left.

What I already tried - using the following command

localectl set-x11-keymap de pc105 nodeadkeys caps:escape,leftctrl:leftshift,leftshift:leftctrl
I already had my ESC Key mapped onto the useless CAPSLOCK Key - that a nice thing ^^

but I didn’t achieved it to work, even tried lctrl or lshift as an abbreviation in the command but neither did work. I would hardly guess I’m just misusing the command, or did somehow enter wrong paramter to it.

Thanks for your help