Remapping and configuration of keyboard keysyms for hjkl as navigation keys and further adjustments

Hello @all,

depending on the Arch wiki I was able to figure out that with the following commands at startup I was able to make the appropriate changes to my keyboard mapping:

Swap CAPS Lock with Left Control button by adding the following command to the startup after login:

setxkbmap -option ctrl:swapcaps

Then I modified the recently swapped Control key by adding the following function as described in the Arch wiki to the startup commands:

xcape -e ‘Control_L=Escape’

What I would like to do now is the same like described in the Arch Wiki but actually I can’t figure out which files I really have to modify and where to put the changes in. I tried it by modifying as described in that link, but broke my system.

What I would like to do is to use the keys hjkl as navigation keys for left down up right like in VIM, while pressing the physical CTRL_left button, which is now mapped as Caps_Lock because I swapped it with the command mentioned earlier. The behavior of the physical CTRL_left key should be as a Modifier. This way I can’t use Caps_Lock anymore, but indeed I never used Caps_Lock so therefore I don’t need it.

Is there anyone who is able to help step by step?

I would like to use the information here to write a similar wiki article in the manjaro wiki as some kind of HowTo for manjaro. And also at least because maybe I’ll be not the only one interested in modifying the keyboad :wink: