Remap controller

Does anyone here know how to remap a controller? I’m trying to remap the buttons on a fightstick without having to use Steam.

A few years ago, I used a toolset to calibrate the X-Box 360 controller with jstest-gtk, saved calibration to profile with jscal-store, and added startup program to auto load the calibration profile on boot with jscal-restore.

Try to experiment with that, it may have what you need… Probably you would need to install jstest-gtk-git from AUR, and maybe joyutils from the repositories if the AUR package doesn’t have all the tools, try the AUR package first.

Also by a quick look in Pamac, I find gamepad-tool-bin from the AUR, maybe it is better. SDL2 Gamepad Tool by General Arcade

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@omano I do have jstest, but I’m unsure as to how to actually use it to remap my buttons.

Try with the graphical interface, or try the other tool.

I didn’t use jstet-gtk since many years, and never used the other one so I can’t help more.

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I managed to get through the mapping process, but I have no clue how to actually save these settings.

Probably with jscal-store and after reboot probably would need to reload them with jscal-restore.

//EDIT: If I recall correctly, for a joystick “js0”:

  • save config: sudo jscal-store /dev/input/js0
  • restore config on reboot: sudo jscal-restore /dev/input/js0

Now that has to be named the same over reboot so if you have multiple joystick this is where it can be tricky. but if you only have one joystick/controller, then it should work.

@omano Okay thank you. Now while I see that’s being reflected in the settings, none of the games are registering this. I’m guessing this has to do with the event file?

I can’t comment more on these tools, sorry.

If you can’t have any of these tools to work, you can also try to find alternatives on google.