Reinstalling Windows 10 for dual boot with GPT

I had a dual boot system with Manjaro Gnome and Win10 (unfortunately I need it for Affinity and occasionally Office).
But Win10 decided to stop working and I have to reinstall it.

When trying to do so, I get this error
We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see theSetup log files., which (according to my online research) might be because there are more then 4 primary partitions.

The proposed solution is to switch from MBR to GPT. However, I thought I was already using GPT.

I get this when I run ls in grub>

grub rescue> ls
(hdo) (hdo, gpt2) (hdo,gpt1) (hd1) (hd1,gpt10) (hd1,gpt9) (hd1,gpt8) (hd1,gpt7) (hd1,gpt6) (hd1,gpt5) (hd1,gpt4) (hd1,gpt3) (hd1,gpt2) (hd1,gpt1)

Is it possible that there are any legacy files from the old win10 installation, that tell the win installer it’s not GPT?

This is the setup of my HD:

Win10 was where now unlocated is. Currently there is also still the win10 bootloader (together with the Manjaro one) on boot/efi.
Ideally I would get rid of that and also have separate EFI partitions for Win and Linux.

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:information_source: This is not a Windows support forum. The issue is neither related to Manjaro nor can anything be done via GRUB to salvage Windows.

If you end up reinstalling Windows, you will have to reinstall GRUB. See:

If you need help with that, feel free to create a new topic.