Regarding proton games running in AMD GPU made my system very slow

After I used PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 to the games launch option the games are struck at black screen. if I erase that line the game is working but laggs a lot. If I use the and GPU for games these are not working and also my system becomes very slow

Already tried for more tweaks?

Which game?
Steam (native)?

After last update wine games in POL crash. Overriding gl version to 4.4 makes them start, but they are extremely lagging. Wine debugger complains about bad glx config. Either wine or mesa updates are causing problem, but downgrading them didn’t solve the problem, so might be more than these packages. I have old RV 600 GPU.

What game/s? What proton version/s (5.0, 5.13, 6.3)?

Did you check ProtonDB to make sure the game works fine?

I haven’t ran into any issues with my R9 Fury, RX 480, RX 5800 XT, or Ryzen 4800H iGPU as long as ProtonDB results have been good.

For you, you’re probably running into compatibility issues and just… bad drivers because you have to use the radeon driver instead of the amdgpu driver. I personally had horrible experiences with AMD GPUs when using the radeon driver. I didn’t start using Linux again until after amdgpu was created, since I game a lot.

I am actually using radeon driver already and everything worked fine until the last stable update. Sorry for not pointing the exact model of my GPU.

not steam native
the games are those are running with proton causing problem
Proton version is 5.13-6 I tried several other old proton and proton experimental.
Nothing worked out…

Now when using xrandr --listproviders its printing
Provider:number:0. No name of gpus.
Using manjaro gnome.