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I noticed that manjaro is a different flavour of Linux. But I want to know that do you guys know any fix for my issue like any patch or source code edit. I checked the link on Archlinux but I can’t find any solution for this issue there.



If i recall correctly you lost all the messages, or something like that, while on Ubuntu and using modem-manager-gui from them, and using your SIM card. Can’t say i know a lot about it. My only device running linux and handling SIM cards is a PinePhone. Since i had to install the system (for testing purposes) quite a few times, and dual booting from internal eMMC and also from SD card with different DE, same sim can’t see the messages received on the other system. I think once the protocol happens on one device/DE it can’t be read when moving the sim on another device either, hence appear as if are lost.

If your issue is different then this might help:

And if you did see on one of your devices the messages, then this might help you find the database of them …


Thanks a lot for your replies.

If i recall correctly you lost all the messages, or something like that, while on Ubuntu and using modem-manager-gui from them, and using your SIM card.

Yes, this is the situation I’m facing now. Do you know any fix for this?


I already explained:

Insert the sim back to the device you did see your sms messages

text messages stored on sim will always be readable no matter the device

the storage space on the sim however is limited which is why phones set the preferred sms storage to device instead of sim

Well, on the Pinephone i boot between Plasma Mobile and Phosh, same sim card, and i can’t see the messages received from one DE to another. :man_shrugging:

That is because the messages is not stored on the sim but in the apps database - likely a sqlite db.

GSM 07.05 AT command set defines how messages are routed internally.

AT+CPMS controls the preferred storage which in turn relies on AT+CNMI to determine if messages are routed to an active application.

One of many places with an overview

Years back I wrote a complete software suite with sms server and client.

Unfortunately not. Let me explain my situation fully.

My mobile phone is Nokia 1600 based only on 2G. I initially have some SMSes in the SIM while it was in the mobile. I switched this SIM to the Huawei 3G data card and used this in my Dell Inspiron laptop which has dual boot OSes windows and Ubuntu 14.04.1. Until I never enable the SIM in modem manager GUI there’s no SMS loss issue. After I enabled the SIM in the GUI, I can see all the phone SMS in its UI. After I switch the SIM back to my phone from data card, I can’t see any previous sms messages even those received during the data card use.

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Without any knowledge or experience with modem manager gui - I suspect the messages are moved off the sim into the modem manager gui database.

It has been 10y since I worked with mobile messaging so my recollection of facts is likely fuzzy at best.

The storage on the sim is limited depending on the chip size and messages are stored in a queue where the oldest is discard when the storage is full - the FIFO principle.

This limited storage is the reason why messages are moved from to an app database, and therefore you cannot rely on messages stored on sim.

Card range in size from 8KB to 256KB where 256KB approximates 250 contacts and a few messages.

The ME in the context is the software and MT is the phone and TE is the modem handling data from the mobile network Service Provider SP.

We used the Siemens M20 terminal - later TC35 and TC65 - when sms arrives (160 char) the MT got a ping from the TE - with a number - which correspond to the message received - when MT send the command to read the message, the TE considered the message delivered and the message was deleted from TE - and this was expected behavior.

If ME or MT didn’t store the message in a database or similar the message was lost - this is - was at that time expected behavior. If TE is offline the messages queues at the ServiceProvider. The TE can only hold a small number of messages - the number 10 is vague recollection of the limitation.

I booted a laptop with wwan and fiddled around with mmcli

List your modem

mmcli -L

Get preferred storage

mmcli -m 1 --messaging-status

My modem use a default of mt which is the combined storage of both me and sim. The combined storage will save randomly to one or another.

It seems the argument below is used when creating a sms and save it for sending.

mmcli -m 1 --sms --store-in-storage=sm


Using debugging Debugging | ModemManager

Fiddled more and found the capacity for one sim to be 50 messages - remember texts are limited to 160 chars.

Thanks for your replies.

Just now I found a way to report this bug in launchpad of Ubuntu. Will let you know the status when they reply to my message.