rEFInd clean install on GPT disk with Windows dualboot

Hey everyone!

I’m not posting this in the newbie corner because it apparently doesn’t exist anymore and I want to understand truly what I’m doing, so here is the thing:

After a bios update, I had to made a new clean install, and now, when it starts, it only shows “grub rescue”. I found out that this was because on GPT disks, there must be a “bios boot” partition at the start of the disk, if I want to use grub.

This is actually not the case (I was using Manjaro on a similar partition organization, also with rEFInd), and I thought grub was maybe easier to install, but I don’t want to change again my partition organization (and I also prefer rEFInd grafically.)

So, I have a partition “boot” with grub improperly installed, an “EFI” partition where should go rEFInd (I guess?) and several data and windows installation’s partitions.

So what should be the process to install rEFInd in the cleanest way?

Thank you very much in advance for you help!

see before this point

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First command:
Type: Laptop System: Micro-Star product: GP62 6QE v: REV:1.0 serial: <root required>
Mobo: Micro-Star model: MS-16J5 v: REV:0.A serial: <root required>
UEFI: American Megatrends v: E16J5IMS.11D date: 01/19/2018
For the second command, first I was starting in legacy mode, the command was showing bios, now with all the setup, it displays efi.
If I not start on the USB stick, I don’t see any grub part and Windows just starts. But I’m not sure to understand where I should see this:

if you see UEFI USB iso & partition 1 , you will boot for EFI

Well indeed I see this but to start on my usb stick is not the problem

then try to reinstall refind

But should I clean the EFI partition and start over? And should I keep the boot partition with grub improperly installed?