Reduce boot time on a chromebook

I have an Acer C720P currently running GalliumOS. Works great, but GalliumOS team is small and new versions are infrequent. I experimented with Manjaro 19 serveral months ago and was pleased for the look and feel and performance running XFCE except for the time it took to boot. One of the great things about GalliumOS is that from the time I open the lid and see the login prompt is within about 5 seconds. Is there any way to streamline the boot process in Manjaro to be comparable?

I like XFCE, but prefer KDE Plasma. Is this unthinkable on the C720P?

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You could check systemd-analyze, systemd-analyze blame, and systemd-analyze critical-chain to see what takes so long.

As long as you dont bling out plasma its resource usage vs xfce is pretty comparable.
I have been testing out some things and added some widgets I wouldnt normally have, etc and I boot into 575 mb at last check.

To your boot in particular … it would heavily depend on a number of factors … one example is I would guess gallium puts some chromebook particulars in mkinitcpio for early module loading.
And of course theres all the extra services and things you can choose to disable or remove.

PS - cool moss avy <3

Thanks cscs. I’ve always loved Moss, definitely my geek hero. Your suggestions re extra services makes sense. It would be cool if the GalliumOS guys would work with the Manjaro team. It would be awesome.

Thanks pobrn. Need to do some investigation. Honestly, quick bootup would be nice, but the power of Manjaro is really, really enticing.