Recovering Ubuntu Backup on Manjaro

I recently switched from Ubuntu to Manjaro, and to transfer my data I backed up my /home/ folder on an external hard drive using deja-dup. I now want to restore these files in Manjaro, but when opening the directory containing the backup with deja-dup in Manjaro, it says that it can’t find the data. Did I do something wrong? The directory contains a long list of duplicity difftar.gpg files.

Haha it doesn’t work that way.

However, if you still have the original backup, you can manually copy in files to help…

I did this from Linux Mint (Cinnamon) where I started using Timeshift to rsync my system SSD to my storage HDD. Much of that stuff (mostly configs for common applications, scripts and fonts etc) was also helpful when I installed KDE - however, you can’t simply import it to a new system or hardware.

You’ll need to get your hands dirty and build it nice and clean. It helps to have a ‘persistent’ scheme… so I have a few folders mounted under disks /mnt/T3 /mnt/T4 (one of the first apps I install is gnome disks - so easy to sort it out like that first, and then do systemd mounts later).

When my 9 year old (and poorly selected) GX 650 power supply made a nice loud pop and fizz (taking with it my 2013 i3 and motherboard) I simply put in a new board (Steel Legend no less, with a 5600G ryzen) and a rather sweet Corsair with a 10 year warranty - then I reinstalled, and found that I have to take quite a bit of care copying stuff in, partly because I kind of forgot just how much stuff I’d changed in the first place.

The good news is that Manjaro is now even more amazing than it was before, and there’s no messing required to get Firefox hardware accellerated.