Recovering journal - tired of using live USB ISO

Hi guys, so on my old lovely laptop sometimes freeze and I need to hard reboot it. After that i always have to use my USB stick to run terminal in a live ISO and run fsck on my /dev/sda2. Then it boots correctly. I understand that and it’s okay, it’s my fault. But my question is, can you modify grub so i could log into root and use fsck without USB stick? Im writing this thread because I don’t have it right now with my and my machine turned off because of power cut off

I tried adding ‘3’ at the end of the vmlinux to boot into text only but my man still recovers journal

You can store a Manjaro ISO on a separate partition - then add it to the grub menu - this will enable a possibility of selecting a live ISO from your default grub.


add “fsck” to the HOOKS line in /etc/mkintcpio.conf
if it isn’t there already
then regenerate the initrd …

to have the program available in the initrd, so you can use it even in the emergency shell,
add fsck to the BINARIES section

maybe I misunderstand, but:
of course the journal needs to be recovered after an unclean shutdown
so it appears it all works as intended already …