Recovering journal error; run fsck manually

Can someone please help me. I got this when I was booting my system and now it is stuck there.

/dev/sda3: recovering journal
Error reading block 19437860 (Input/output error).

(i.e., without -a or -p options)

I did try typing fsck /dev/sda3 but nothing happened.
I am very new to Linux so I don’t know how to solve this.

hi @iamkushank,

Try opening a terminal and running it as root,

sudo fsck /dev/sda


sudo fsck /dev/sda3

Can’t remember which it would be.

Hope this helps!


In the future, when providing terminal output, wrap your output in 3 back ticks (```). This will cause it to bee rendered like this:

text to be
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with proper formatting for terminal-related output, and not like this:

text to be
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which is just easier to read for those trying to help you.

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I’m stuck on the booting screen how do I open the terminal? :frowning:

I’m super new to this so sorry if this is a stupid question.

Oh dear.

Then I recommend booting into a Live ISO environment, opening a terminal there, and running it. The root password should, in theory, be the same as a normal password, i…e. ‘manjaro’.

And get the hard drive that’s giving the errors replaced!

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Okay I’ll try that. Thank you for helping me.

You’re very welcome!

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