Recover an overwritten file


I know this is an extreme long shot. Does anyone know of an application that can recover the previous version of an encrypted file that was overwritten by another version of that file? Is this even possible? There is a file I need to recover that is extremely important to me.

No backups, eh?

Unless you have some kind of backup, you are probably out of luck.

There is little to no chance you recover that file. Maybe if you do not use the computer instantly after overwriting the file, if it did not physically write over it, some tools ‘could’ maybe recover it, but this is very unlikely. It is just a guess, quick google apparently shows that there are some possibility to recover deleted files, or overwritten files, but I have no experience in that. Search for “linux recover overwritten file” in google.

One key I know about recovering file is that you need to stop using the disk you want to recover files from or else you diminish greatly your chances of recovering anything.