Reconfigure network on remote box?

I have a quartz64a running an ARM Manjaro minimal image (no graphical desktop).
It’s 2000km away and I only have ssh access. I need to complete the network configuration so I need to be careful, and, I have no experience with systemd-networkd nor dhcpcd…

Firstly. If I run systemctl --type=service one of the lines is:-
systemd-networkd.service loaded active running Network Configuration

Therefore I think that my network is already controlled by systemd-networkd

however I also have:-
dhcpcd.service loaded active running DHCP/ IPv4LL/ IPv6RA/ DHCPv6 client

how can I tell? is it both?

The box has a built in ethernet port end0 and a USB ethernet port enu1

I need to keep end0 as it is (configured with DHCP) but have enu1 not configured (currently it’s also getting a DHCP address).

I want to bridge end0 to a vxlan interface instead.

The first and most dangerous stage is to create the bridge interface and deconfigure enu1.

Can anyone tell me how to do this safely please?

I already have cronie installed and working so I suppose I could create a cron job that will back out my changes and reboot, so if it goes well I can remove the cron job and if it goes badly I can wait for cron to undo it.


I created two files:-

cat /etc/systemd/network/


 cat /etc/systemd/network/


and rebooted, but, it’s ignoring me and giving a DHCP address to both end0 and enu1

How can I figure out why?

adding the line

denyinterfaces enu*

to /etc/dhcpcd.conf

did the trick