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Hi guys,
I don’t play games but fly helicopters in the X-Plane 12 simulator. Unfortunately it’s a hardware requirement killer so you need a proper steel to have the sim in a decent graphics. I’m on Asus Rog Strix 16, Core i7, 32GB of RAM and 4080 with 12GB of vRAM(max performance) and Xfce. However, the sim seems to be running in some power saving mode or what because the fps are very low and the temperature barely goes over 60 degrees.
Is there any settings I need to change in order to use the full power of this laptop?
The MUX is on at all times so no iGPU involved or problems with switching/drivers. I haven’t done anything special regarding the power options so it’s all default stock install. After the initial sim release there were reports from users all over the place that the sim was using like 40% of the resources/CPU/GPU but it should have been fixed by now.

i set my CPU governor to Performance,
you might also want to check in the Nvidia X server setting that it’s set to “prefer maximum performance” under Powermizer.
and in the Asus Bios there is the ‘EZ system tuning’,maybe check that too.
also it’s a Laptop so maybe there are some thermal/power restrictions.
and always use the Power brick or the Laptop will not run at its Max Perf.

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I usually start the laptop on battery. That was probably the issue because when I start the laptop plugged in everything is fine. Just changed it to performance so will see how that will turn out. I’m not looking for anything special but with a 12GB dedicated vga to get under 20fps was simply not acceptable. It should be fine now.
Thanks mate!!

also in a laptop you should choose that the program you run is using the dedicated GPU.
there’s optimus manager for that and the command prime-run.

which is hacky, requires additional workarounds that partially break regular systems, and has better alternatives (envycontrol, etc) … if one even needs such a thing … most dont.
If a prime profile is installed … it is in hybrid mode by default and you use prime-run. No need for optimus manager.
Tools like optimus manager are for if you want to choose “nvidia only” or “intel only” (then reboot into that configuration) … and as I mentioned above … if you even need a package for that at all, there are better options.

For those better options see here:

I have the MUX so I’m on dGPU only. No need for optimus here.

The performance option didn’t make any difference but there is a new sim update coming and so far people say it’s great in the beta version.

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