Recommendations for Mosaico style window manager w/ keyboard shortcuts?

I’ve used Mosaico window manager, for years. It allows you to map multiple custom window location/sizes (created on a GUI grid editor) to each CTRL+ALT+<NUMBER_KEY> combination, and cycle through the set for that combination each time you hit <NUMBER_KEY>. It’s lightning fast and is a significant part of my workflow/productivity

In attemtping to move over Linux I’ve been trying to find a way to recreate this in Linux. The closest I’ve gotten is the Ultrawide Windows script for KWin. It’s pretty good, but having 3+ left-hand combinations to get the windows sized/positioned right, etc. is to be honest, slow/awkward to me.

Are there any other window managers that can mimic the Mosaico behaviour? Is there a way to modify Mosaico to do this?

That one is probably best to Monitors that are ultrawide, but not quite sure about it on multiple Monitors.

Personally i prefer GitHub - Bismuth-Forge/bismuth: KDE Plasma extension, that lets you tile your windows automatically and manage them via keyboard, just like in classical tiling window managers (i3, dwm or XMonad). as a fork of the older/unmaintained krohnkite.
A very versatile kwin script is also GitHub - Jazqa/kwin-quarter-tiling: An easy tiling script for KWin and combined with some window rules, is quite powerful. Both of this have some advantages and quirks, but do a great job in some workflows.

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