Recommendations for gaming with Manjaro

I am attempting to use Manjaro in place of windows for gaming. Obvious reason being the efficiency of the system.

I would like to get Call of duty Warzone running and possibly Baldur’s Gate 3.

I see a lot of support for specific gaming needs, but I am wondering if there are recommendations as to software to work in conjunction with wine to make gaming work with Manjaro.

I am happy to put an inxi -Fxxxza --no-host copy in this post, I am just curious if there is any information on there that could compromise the security of my OS?

btw, the info in my profile is up to date and accurate for my system.

I am looking forward to gathering good information about some efficient setups!

If any, using proton-ge-custom through lutris/steam is a usual advice to get games running without much headaches.

Check ProtonDB website for compatibility.

Right now I can say any game with non user space anti cheat will not work you’ll get banned or just kicked. Most user space anti cheat should work.

All EAC games you forget about it it doesn’t work and probably never will, so…

Not possible due to their anti cheat. Maybe in the future when Valve works with vendors with anti cheat for their Steam Deck.

Seems to work fine-ish

Valve is working with vendors to get all EAC and BattlEye games to work with Proton before the release of the Steam Deck. They have officially said that and have it posted in the Steam Deck FAQ.

You can game on Steam with Native games or Windows games via Proton or Proton-GE, and can game using Lutris with lutris-wine (built into Lutris) or Wine-GE. There are other ways as well, but these are the most simple.

This is not really the topic but the Steam Deck will support these anti cheat games on release (December this year by the way) via Windows, they are currently working towards that… a Windows Steam Deck is what will make the 100% compatibility.

This is most likely not going to happen anytime soon I don’t believe that at all (and if this is the case, this will probably be a locked environment maybe with proprietary blobs added to kernel, validated by the anti cheat vendors that users will have to run in order to be validated by anti cheats).

Current situation is what I said. This is reality not fairy tales :stuck_out_tongue:

And the speculation about anti cheats working on Proton I hear that since I use Proton, this is very long time now. I’m not falling for it anymore, let’s talk about it when it is real, for now it is only speculation.

From Steamworks documentation about Steamdeck (this is what you’re talking about right?):

Anti-cheat: We recommend using user-space anti-cheat components for best results, as they can typically run in the Wine environment and provide the same level of functionality. Kernel-space solutions are not currently supported and are not recommended. Note: we have been working with most anti-cheat technology providers to provide Proton compatibility. If your solution currently isn’t working, please reach out to both your vendor and Valve for support.

It is not stated that EAC or BattleEye games will work in Proton before the end of the year, they said they work with anti cheat companies (they said that 2+ years ago too specifically about EAC, I’m still waiting).

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Thank you for all the responses. I was able to get BG3 working with just wine. I am using lutris to make the launching easier.

Next I will work on XCOM Chimera, I am having a little trouble finding the right executable on that one.